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Attic conversions

Attic Conversions

With our Attic Conversion services, we can help you get the most out of your attic. We are a Dublin based Attic Conversions company we serve the whole of Dublin and other counties.Don't let the space in your attic go to waste. Whether you’re looking to add a home office, an extra bedroom, a gym, a movie room, a children's play room, a study, or just a relaxing space then our modern attic conversions can make it happen.
Check out some previous attic conversions in our image gallery and video.

If you would like a chat about your attic conversion options, please call us on 087 615 9429. We are more than happy to guide you through your attic conversion options.

Dormer Windows - attic conversions

Dormer Attic Conversion Dublin

A dormer attic is built into an attic roof to increase space. One of the best ways to increase the lighting of a room is with a dormer widow.  Dormer attics improve a rooms lighting, the height of a room, and it's ventilation.  

en-suite attic conversions

Attic Conversion with en-suite

Space needs to be considered when adding a en-suite to an attic space, the best place for a bathroom is in the corner beside the stairs where it will take up less space. If your roof is not high enough then it may not fit, although a simple toilet and sink might. The alternative is at the end of the room along the wall....

Hollywoodrath Attic conversions

Attic Conversion Hollywoodrath

View a recently completed attic conversion in Hollywoodrath.
By getting an attic conversion, these Hollywoodrath homeowners have benefited from extra living space

Wooden Floor - Attic conversions

Attic Conversion Hansfield

We recently completed an attic conversion in Hansfield.

This attic conversion included a new stair and en-suite bathroom.

Clonsilla Attic conversions

Attic Conversion Clonsilla

View a recently completed attic conversion for Lisa in Clonsilla.
She was so happy with it she left us a 5 star review on google.

" We recently had our attic converted by GM Carpentry and we couldn't be happier with the results. From the initial meetings with Gareth to the amazing work done by the team in particular Ken and Pat. They listened to everything we wanted enhancing our ideas and kept us informed throughout the process. They cleaned up every evening before they finished and you barely knew they had been there. Would highly recommend going to GM Carpentry for your attic conversion if you want a professional and efficient job done! "

You can find the review here
This attic conversion include a beautiful staircase and windows.

GM Carpentry & Construction – Attic Conversion Company in Dublin

You want additional living space in your home to enhance your property value significantly. But first, you should turn to GM Carpentry & Construction – a leading attic conversion company in Dublin. Our attic company has the experience and expertise to transform your attic into something visually-appealing and functional.

At GM Carpentry & Construction, we specialise in converting your attic to help your home optimise while allowing you to use your space correctly. Our attic conversion specialists will help you get the most out of your attic by transforming it into whatever you want. So, our attic conversion experts handle everything precisely, whether you want a new bedroom, a workout space, an office, a storage space or a games room.

Our attic company in Dublin takes pride in attic conversion projects implying that you can rest assured that your loft conversion will be done to the industry standard and wonder why you haven’t considered our team for converting your attic a little sooner! We have extensive working experience with different attic conversion projects, from unique spaces to standard lofts. Our years of working experience have enabled us to provide superior-quality results again and again.

If you are still wondering whether your roof space is feasible for a conversion, why don’t you give us a call today! We are always happy to talk – giving honest advice and suggestion on attic conversion in Dublin.

Why Should You Choose GM Carpentry & Construction for Attic Conversion?

Experience Matters –

When looking for a loft conversion company in Dublin, you should turn to GM Carpentry & Conversion. We can turn your vision into a reality within no time. We have the experience and know-how to transform your attic space into something valuable, and modern and an area you can feel proud to call your own. We know that attic can be a space where clutter and mess gather, and we have worked on different projects turning your chaotic lofts into relaxing areas to enjoy you more.

We Have an Extensive Work Portfolio -

Our work portfolio speaks for us regarding handling different projects we have done on attic conversions throughout Dublin. We have worked on everything from turning lofts into stylish, modern en0suite bedrooms, living and storage spaces, work offices, kids retreat places and home movie rooms. Our attic conversion specialists strive to transform your attic into a functional area that you can be proud of.

We Work to the Highest Industry Standards -

At GM Carpentry & Construction, we work to the highest standard of workmanship to make sure that your attic conversion turns out better than your imagination. Our expert team of attic conversion specialists makes sure to adhere to all safety regulations while converting your attic into something beautiful, whether it is a bedroom, office or storage space. Rest assured that we will protect you, your family and your property while working hard to satisfy your requirements.

Feel free to contact GM Carpentry & Construction for loft conversion projects in Dublin.

Free Consultation & Estimate

We can help answer your questions about Attic Conversion or Home Renovations. If you would like to contact us we can arrange a visit to your home, we can take measurements for your attic conversion or property, and discuss what options are available to you. We can also offer a free quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does GM Carpentry & Construction offer?

GM Carpentry & Construction offers a range of services including attic conversion, home and business renovations, extensions, new builds, carpentry work, property maintenance, bathroom fittings, insulation upgrading, and more.

Where is GM Carpentry & Construction based?

GM Carpentry & Construction is based in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

Can you provide examples of recent attic conversion projects completed by GM Carpentry & Construction?

You can view examples of recent attic conversion projects completed by GM Carpentry & Construction on our website under the "Recent Projects" and "Gallery" sections.

What are the benefits of a dormer attic conversion?

Dormer attic conversions offer benefits such as increased lighting, improved room height, and better ventilation, making the space more comfortable and functional.

How can I get in touch with GM Carpentry & Construction for a consultation on attic conversion options?

You can contact GM Carpentry & Construction for a consultation on Attic Company Dublin options by calling them at 087 615 9429 or sending an email to info@gmcarpentry.ie.

What are some factors to consider when adding an en-suite to an attic space?

Factors to consider when adding an en-suite to an attic space include space constraints, the placement of the bathroom fixtures, and ensuring that the roof height is sufficient for the installation.

What are the advantages of converting an attic into additional living space?

Converting an attic into additional living space offers advantages such as increased property value, more functional space for various purposes like bedrooms, offices, or storage, and the opportunity to customize the space to suit your needs.

Does GM Carpentry & Construction offer services beyond attic conversions?

Yes, GM Carpentry & Construction offers services beyond attic conversions, including home and business renovations, extensions, new builds, carpentry work, property maintenance, bathroom fittings, insulation upgrading, and more.

What materials and techniques does GM Carpentry & Construction use for attic flooring?

GM Carpentry & Construction uses high-quality materials and proven techniques for attic flooring to ensure durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal in attic conversion projects.

How does GM Carpentry & Construction ensure that attic conversion projects are completed within the quoted price and timeframe?

GM Carpentry & Construction ensures that attic conversion projects are completed within the quoted price and timeframe by paying attention to every detail, adhering to industry standards, and communicating effectively with clients throughout the process to meet their requirements and expectations.