Converting Attic to Living Space in Dublin

Homeowners in Dublin often look to the garage and basement space when thinking of adding more space. Usually, these spaces have a standard shape and better-quality temperature control. But the attic has more potential for getting an extra living space. Of course, every homeowner wants to consider a loft conversion. However, loft or attic conversion is incredibly popular with families looking for an additional chill-out, bedroom, or living space. They trust a professional attic conversion company like GM Carpentry & Construction.

Our professional contractors have experience and expertise in converting attics into living spaces. Conforming an empty and unused attic or loft into a livable space is an excellent move from a financial and practical point of view. A successful attic conversion creates a new, liveable space in the area, probably used for nothing but an ample storage space for Christmas decorations and old boxes. So, converting the attic to a living room will make it more practical; add significant value and visual appeal to your home.

Attic Conversion with GM Carpentry & Construction

An attic conversion may seem challenging, especially if you are renovating or taking on home improvement projects for the first time. However, as long as you bring on board reliable GM Carpentry & Construction professionals with knowledge and expertise to handle the project confidently and efficiently, you will be surprised how hassle-free this process is. A loft conversion is undoubtedly one of the most affordable and least disruptive ways to create a new living space inside your home.

Before planning on converting the attic to a living space, you need to assess how suitable your property is for this type of home renovation work. Does your home have enough roof space? Is the loft area suitable enough for what you want to use it for? Will the height of the internal area allow attic conversion to carry out successfully? It is better to consider the usability of the floor space.

You have to make sure that there is sufficient access to the conversion. It is essential to check whether any structural work requires completion to ensure a smooth entrance into the attic space. Of course, this is something the GM Carpentry & Construction team will determine for you during the inspection of the loft space.

In the end, you should consider the roofing structure, pitch, and weather-tight properties. If you own a modern roof, it is likely to be appropriately insulated and watertight. When you are done with checking and assessing, go ahead and think about getting the attic conversion project done and discuss how you’d like the attic room to look precisely at the end of the project.

Dormer Windows - Attic Conversion
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Dormer Attic Windows - Dublin Attic Specialists
Dormer Attic Windows - Dublin Attic Specialists
Dormer Attic Windows - Dublin Attic Specialists
Dormer Attic Windows - Dublin Attic Specialists