Attic Conversion with En-suite in Dublin

GM Carpentry & Construction specialises in attic conversion with en-suite in Dublin to help you get the most out of your space. We are Dublin-based building contractors that keep an eye on every detail to deliver the highest standard of service. Our skilled team can fulfil the requirements if you want to convert the attic into a room with an en-suite.

Convert Your Attic with the Experts in Dublin

Attic conversions in Dublin do not require permission if there is no structural change of the roof. We can provide the best assistance in your home improvement project in Dublin. Attic conversion with en-suite requires an electric shower, glass door, toilet, and basin in a small room with light and a Velux window. Our skilled team can help you with your attic conversion project that serves as an additional space.

With us, you can experience an attic conversion with specific colours, spacious windows, and essential furniture on a well-designed layout. The new space improves the luxury and functionality of your home in Dublin.

Get the Most from Your Space

GM Carpentry & Construction helps you enjoy the extra space with the highest standard of service. We work according to local building regulation standards to give you peace of mind. Our professional service ensures you feel delighted with the outcome of the attic conversion.

We are attic conversion specialists in Dublin. It gives you the confidence to work with GM Carpentry & Construction. Enjoy professional renovation solutions with us in Dublin that is second to none!

GM Carpentry & Construction provides a free no-obligation quotation for attic conversion projects. Our surveyor visits your home to discuss your en-suite with attic conversion requirements. We provide you with detailed quotes that include permits and work required. Our team also shares with you the breakdown of the attic conversion cost with the en-suite.

Specialize in Two storeys Attic Conversion with En-suite

Is the attic conversion a two-storey extension of the existing house? Rely on us to get the best functional space! At GM Carpentry & Construction, we can help you with your requirements and guide you about the attic with en-suite options.

An En-suite in Attic Conversation

Attic conversion with en-suite depends on three factors like
  • Enough space to include a bathroom

The ideal place to tuck the en-suite is in the corner beside the new stairs. It helps save enough space in the attic room.

  • Powerful water pressure

The en-suite fittings cannot take the water supply from the existing tank due to a high location. We plan to create a new connection from the main supply line to ensure enough water pressure. Good water pressure helps taps and showers function well.

  • Roof height

Is your attic roof height appropriate for an en-suite? If you want to install a shower, your attic should have a reasonable roof height. It helps you stand comfortably to take a shower without banging your head on the ceiling. The en-suite glass door also requires a decent roof height to function well.

Discuss Your Attic Conversion Design and Get Build Estimates!

Do you want an attic conversion with an en-suite in Dublin? Contact us! We are happy to answer any questions regarding your en-suite with attic conversion project.

Attic en-suite bathroom- Attic Conversion

Attic Bathroom - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Bathroom - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Bathroom - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Bathroom - Dublin Attic Specialists