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Are you looking for the perfect option to add living space to your home? You should consider loft conversion in Dublin. It will cost less than adding a house extension. Most houses in Ireland have an attic used only as storage space. If you will convert the loft into a living space, you can gain around 30% of the usable floor space in a two-story building.

When you need a professional loft conversion in Dublin, you should rely on GM Carpentry & Construction. Our attic conversion specialists are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your attic. We are a reliable loft conversion specialist in Dublin, serving clients' needs by exceeding and exceeding their expectations.

Whether you are looking to add an extra bedroom, a playroom, a movie room, a relaxing space, a modern bathroom, a study room, or an office space, your options are endless with loft conversion in Dublin. At GM Carpentry & Construction, we believe that loft conversion is a significant home improvement project. However, converting the attic space takes enough time and effort to make it successful. Hence, you need professional help from the trustworthy loft conversion specialist in Dublin.

Our expert loft conversion professionals are dedicated to providing quality solutions to add additional space and significant financial value to your home that will only increase for more years. We know the materials and all other necessary components to get the job done before you start to ensure that the project is completed correctly without causing further hassle.

With GM Carpentry & Construction, you never need to settle for a few painted walls and a desk. Instead, you will convert the attic into a living space. You can add spacious windows, specific colors, comfortable furniture, and a layout designed to improve the overall ambiance with loft conversion in Dublin.

Our Loft Conversion Difference

Bespoke Design

At GM Carpentry & Construction, we combine quality workmanship, years of experience, and communication to provide unparalleled service and outstanding results. In addition, our loft conversion specialists provide bespoke designs you will be proud to call your own.


We have extensive years of working experience and expertise to handle any loft conversion quickly and confidently from beginning to end. Our attic conversion professionals cover from start to end to ensure that the project runs as smoothly and timely as possible.


GM Carpentry & Construction works with clients and plans everything perfectly to match your schedule. We provide loft conversion solutions within budget and schedule, best matching our client’s priorities and preferences.

Getting the Most out of Your Attic Space in Dublin

You should use your loft space completely to utilize the entire area of your home correctly. Our loft conversion company will provide you with the best possible solutions to ensure that your whole family and guests use your loft and enjoy the additional space in the best way possible.

At GM Carpentry & Construction, we give our customers complete confidence when they invite us to their property for treating it like their own and provide you with superior-quality services second to none. Contact us to learn more about what we have available for attic conversion in Dublin.

Attic Conversions Dublin

If you're in considering an attic conversions, then we are here to help, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.

Attic Conversions - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Conversions - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Conversions - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Conversions - Dublin Attic Specialists

Attic Conversions - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Staircase - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Staircase - Dublin Attic Specialists
Attic Staircase - Dublin Attic Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a loft conversion, and why should I consider it in Dublin?

A loft conversion is the process of transforming an underutilized attic space into a functional living area. In Dublin, it's a popular choice because it costs less than a house extension and can add up to 30% more usable floor space to a two-story building.

Why should I choose GM Carpentry & Construction for my loft conversion in Dublin?

GM Carpentry & Construction is a trusted loft conversion specialist in Dublin known for exceeding clients' expectations and providing quality solutions that add significant financial value to homes.

What types of spaces can I create with a loft conversion in Dublin?

You can create various spaces such as an extra bedroom, playroom, movie room, relaxing space, modern bathroom, study room, or office space through a loft conversion in Dublin.

What makes GM Carpentry & Construction loft conversion different?

GM Carpentry & Construction offers bespoke designs, time-saving solutions, and budget-friendly options, ensuring a smooth and timely project completion tailored to clients' preferences.

How does GM Carpentry & Construction ensure a successful loft conversion project?

The company combines quality workmanship, extensive experience, and effective communication to ensure superior service and outstanding results for loft conversions in Dublin.

What steps are involved in a loft conversion by GM Carpentry & Construction?

The process typically includes initial consultation and design, material selection, construction, installation of features like windows and stairs, and final touches to create a functional living space.

Can GM Carpentry & Construction handle all aspects of attic conversion, including design and construction?

Yes, the company's attic conversion professionals cover everything from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients.

How can I maximize the use of my attic space in Dublin?

GM Carpentry & Construction provides tailored solutions to fully utilize attic space, allowing families and guests to enjoy the additional space in the best possible way.

What other services does GM Carpentry & Construction offer besides attic conversions?

GM Carpentry & Construction also specializes in home and business renovations, extensions, new builds, carpentry work, property maintenance, bathroom fittings, insulation upgrading, and more.

How can I get in touch with GM Carpentry & Construction for attic conversion services in Dublin?

You can contact GM Carpentry & Construction by calling 087 615 9429 or sending an email to They are located in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.